Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening

One of our most powerful tenant screening tools is the “Tenant Database”. We had it specially designed and built for our members. The database provides quick and useful information on the habits of apartment renters in New Brunswick. We will also provide seminars and work shops for our members about various topics including Tenant Screening. We also hope to provide Credit Check Services through our website in the future.


How it Works

Find out which tenants are a risk with the Tenant Screening blog. . You’ll see posts made by other landlords who had a particular tenant(s) whom violated the rentalsman tenant/landlord act. You can even make your own posts or add comments directly to other landlords posts. This is an exclusive service offered to our members and is a must have tool for any landlord.

With just a few clicks from your online account, you can screen the prospective renter for any past history with other landlord members who reported problems with a particular tenant. With an annual membership you can run unlimited tenant checks and even post reports about tenants you had a problem with.

With Tenant Screening, you can register and begin screening prospective tenants. There's no extensive sign up process or long waits for approval. Simply create an account online, and a representative will contact you for fast approval.

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