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Some of the more prominent benefits that we provide to our members are described below. We strive to deliver these services to the best of our abilities. Please keep in mind that we are a small organization and hope to grow with consistent membership and volunteers. This is why we ask for your continuing support and together we will grow and be successful. Also, as we continue to grow, new services will become available to add even more value to your membership.

One Strong Voice of Representation

You, the apartment owners and managers, are the SJAOA. It is you who support the board members and they will represent you and speak on your behalf. Your board members will take your concerns to the Municipal Government, the Province, and even the Federal Government when necessary. When it comes time to perform these duties it is very important that we represent the greatest number of people possible, and this is what adds strength to our voice.

Tenant Screening

One of our most powerful tenant screening tools is the “Tenant Database”. We had it specially designed and built for our members. The database provides quick and useful information on the habits of apartment renters in New Brunswick. We will also provide seminars and work shops for our members about various topics including Tenant Screening. We also hope to provide Credit Check Services through our website in the future.

Member Discounts

Our committee members work hard to develop relationships with product and service providers in the apartment rental industry. Through these contacts we use our buying strength to secure bulk purchasing contracts. This translates into big discounts for our members.