Who We Are

The Saint John Apartment Owner’s Association (SJAOA), is a Non-Profit Group that represents owners and managers of residential rental properties in the province of New Brunswick. SJAOA provides a voice for the residential rental industry, advocating the interests of landlords. We believe that a healthy rental market contributes to the well-being and prosperity of the value of rental assets throughout the province. We believe that tenant screening benefits landlords, tenants and the community alike. SJOAO also functions as an information exchange among our members, providing information about best practices of renting and property management. SJAOA facilitates a compensation and benefits agreement with energy companies and suppliers bringing significant savings to it's members.

Our Organization

We have a Volunteer Board of (10) Directors who are all members of the Association. We have 4 quarterly Board Meetings per year. Due to space limitations these meetings are only open to the Board and minutes are distributed to the Members. At these meetings we discuss ways and develop plans to improve the association and our industry. We also have 1 General Meeting per year, which is open to all members, associate members, as well as non-members who are interested in joining but would like to see how we run things.

Our Members

We currently have over 400 members consisting or Apartment Owners and Managers some of whom also own and operate businesses which supply services to our industry. We appreciate the members who continue to support us year after year, they are the voice and the strength that drives us.

SJAOA Executive

President – Gerry Webster – 647-7777
Office – 633-0981
Secretary/Treasurer – Lynn Logan – 650-6064
Board Members:
Randy Peters
Sid Lodhi
Paul Tobias
Robert Gaudet
Michael Scichilone
Tim Reicker
Max Elliott


As an issue arises we develop committees made up of a minimum of 4 Volunteers, one of which will be the designated chairperson. Some of their duties will include: networking with other committees, recruiting new members (via telephone, direct mail, fax, networking,
door to door, etc.); development and procurement of new benefits for members; surveying members to find out what benefits are of the highest importance; contacting potential suppliers; market research; follow up; etc.
Two committees which we would like to develop are:

    Newsletter and Advertising Committee: to research and develop news articles; follow-up on current stories; sell advertising space; produce a high quality newsletter for members; advertise the SJAOA in various media outlets; use newsletter as a tool for recruiting new members.
    Tradeshow and Social Committee: to work in conjunction with a Promoting company to develop and host successful Tradeshows for the apartment owners industry; develop and host social events for our members.

Our Partners